Today I’ll share my seven tips to maintaining your home for the cooler months.

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Autumn is here, which means lowered temperatures, pumpkins, and Halloween, but most importantly, getting your home ready for the winter. 

Today I want to talk about some home maintenance tips for getting your home prepared for the cooler months. Yes, even here in Southern California, there are things you should do to protect your home for cooler weather. 

1. Clean out your rain gutters: Remove any debris and leaves.

2. Have a roof maintenance check: You want to check for any slipped, broken, or missing tiles or shingles. Confirm that your roof is in good shape so you don’t have any leaks during the rainy season.

3. Check for door drafts: Seal any drafts with caulking or weather stripping. 

4. Replace the batteries in your smoke detector: Or you can switch the smoke detectors to the new ones that contain 10-year batteries. 

5. Have an HVAC or heating system maintenance update: You’ll want to at least replace the air filters and check to make sure your heater is working so that on those few colder nights you’re good to go.

6. Prepare and clean your fireplace: You’ll want to use your fireplace on those crips evenings so remove all the ashes so you can enjoy it when it’s time. 

7. Review your fire evacuation plan: We are in Southern California, so there is a consistent threat of wildfires. Review your evacuation plan with your family. 

Keeping your home in great shape over the autumn and winter months so that it’s safe and may be ready to list in the spring is a good idea. 

Let me know if you have any questions about maintaining your home or getting it ready for sale, reach out to me through phone or email, I look forward to our conversation.


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