North Park

Located northeast of Balboa Park sits eclectic neighborhood of North Park. Don’t let the small area this neighborhood encompasses fool you. The art, architecture and cuisine alone will rival that of neighborhoods ten times as large. Don’t forget to take a...

Oceanside is the third largest city in San Diego, together with Vista and Carlsbad it forms a tri-city area. The historic wooden pier, harbor village and warm sandy beaches make up this beautiful beach community.
Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is an iconic Southern California beach town home to many college students and young adults. Walking along Garnet Ave. you’ll be able to stop for some tacos, grab a beer, watch a sports game, and go to the beach. P.B. as fellow city goers call...

Poway is considered North San Diego County Inland (although geographically it actually lies in the middle of San Diego County) and has a population just under 50,000; it’s slogan is “the City in the Country” due to its rural roots and flavor. Poway...
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